Gairnshiel Lodge and Cottages

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Gairnshiel Lodge & Cottage guests have permission to fish the river Gairn at the bottom of the garden.

Please observe the following rules:

Fishing Rules

1. Fishing is only permitted between 15 March – 15 October.

2. Fly fishing only.

3. Our permit extends to Brown Trout only, not Salmon or Sea Trout.

4. All non target fish species must be returned unharmed to the river.

5. Please release and return to the River any Brown Trout below 8".

6. Please keep within our boundary, to our side of the river and to our side of the bridge (river bank marked green on map left).

Please note that bailiffs patrol the river. If you are approached when fishing you may be asked for a password which is displayed in the Lodge and Cottages.